24 de Marzo 2021

New transportation corridors in Bogota: investment opportunity and economic development

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Representatives of the ANI and the IDU presented the details of some of the infrastructure projects with which Bogota seeks to attract foreign investment, boost its economy, and generate thousands of jobs.

New transportation corridors in Bogota

Bogota is launching a series of important transportation infrastructure projects that, in addition to improving the mobility of the city, will be a pillar in attracting foreign investment and the economic development of the Colombian capital. This was highlighted by representatives of the national government and the district administration who participated in the webinar "Strategic transportation corridors for Bogotá", organized by the investment promotion agency Invest in Bogota.

In the event, in which the national infrastructure agency (ANI), ProColombia and the urban development institute (IDU) participated, Juan Gabriel Pérez, Executive Director of Invest in Bogota, highlighted that the Colombian capital is one of the cities in Latin America with the biggest portfolio of infrastructure projects, with investment opportunities for to 9,000 million dollars.

"Bogota has large infrastructure projects planned for the next few years and from Invest in Bogota we are committed to supporting these projects by bringing them closer to foreign investors who can contribute to their realization," said Pérez.

In the virtual event, details of projects that have made significant progress in contractual matters these days were delivered. Some of them are:


Avenida Longitudinal de Occidente - ALO Sur

This project has an estimated duration of one year for the pre-construction phase and four years for construction. Recently, the ANI and the Bogota Mayor's Office announced that the selection process that seeks firms interested in building the ALO SUR has begun, which will be tendered through a private initiative PPP contract, a process that has two options for the award, once the documents have been published in the SECOP: process without interested third parties and process with interested third parties.

"The ALO Sur is a 24.5 km project that is strategically important to improve mobility in Bogota, between Chusacá and Calle 13. It benefits municipalities such as Soacha and towns such as Bosa, Kennedy and Fontibón", highlighted Diana Cardona, vice president of structuring of the ANI.


Accesos Norte Fase II

The tender specifications project was recently published for this work, with which the interested parties will have the possibility of knowing the requirements to participate in this tender, as well as submitting observations and comments on the requested requirements.

According to the ANI, the Accesos Norte Fase II project contemplates the construction of 17.96 kilometers that will facilitate entry to the city and has an investment of 1.3 billion pesos. Through this, the creation of 35,800 direct and indirect jobs is contemplated.

It is expected that in September of this year the bidders will present their envelopes with the offers and, later, in a public hearing, the award of the project will be made.


Transmilenio and Carrera Séptima

"Bogotá is committed to the development of its infrastructure, so during 2021 we will be working on more than 200 processes that will contribute to the growth of the city," added the director of IDU, Diego Sánchez, who assured that the city, through the IDU and Transmilenio, expects to contract projects for 3.9 billion pesos this year.

The official highlighted that the city is making progress in the construction of the Transmilenio along 68 avenue, with an investment of close to 2.4 billion pesos, the Ciudad de Cali avenue, which begins the construction phase in July this year, and the southern section of the Caracas trunk, which has an investment of 300,000 million pesos.

In addition, during the week three merit contests were published for the contracting of detailed studies and designs for the Corredor Verde de la Carrera Séptima. "This is one of the 2 strategic sustainable transport corridors that we have planned, key projects because they contribute to the modernization of the city and the fight against climate change," he concluded.

The details of the webinar “Strategic transportation corridors for Bogotá” can be consulted on the Invest in Bogota YouTube channel.