24 de Marzo 2016

The United States and Spain have led investments in Bogota for the last 10 years

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  • The United States and Spain led foreign direct investments.
  • The resources from the United States amounted to USD 3,885 million.
  • There are 544 projects recieveng foreign direct investment (FDI, Greenfield) from companies of different countries. 
The United States and Spain have led investments in Bogota for the last 10 years

“The countries that have focused the greatest flow of investment into the Bogota region are: the United States (27.5%), Spain (13.9%), France (9%) and Chile (7.9%),” highlighted a document prepared by the Market Research and Intelligence department from Invest in Bogota.

The resources from the United States amounted to USD 3,885 million, an amount equivalent to 27.5%, followed by USD 1,967.65 million that, between 2005 and 2015, was invested into Bogota by Spanish companies.

Also highlighted are investments of USD 1,271.54 million coming from France (9%); USD 1,111.20 million from Chile (7.9%); and USD 805.69 million from Germany (5.7%).

Invest in Bogota stated that there are 544 projects receiving foreign direct investment (FDI, Greenfield) from companies of different countries.

Communications (USD 2,614 million) and financial services (USD 1,987 million) were the preferred sectors for foreign capital.

Following these were consumer goods (USD 1,782 million), transportation (USD 848 million), food (USD 771 million) and information technology (IT) services and software (USD 725 million).

Between January and December 2015, investments stood out from companies such as Grupo Roble (USD 270 million), Coca-Cola (USD 250 million), Grenergy Renovables (USD 155.5 million), General Motors (USD 100 million), Parque Arauco (USD 98.5 million), NH Hotels Group (USD 97 million), Frey Wille (90.6 million) and Carat London (USD 79.8 million), among others.

For this year, despite the “international economic turbulence,” Invest in Bogota predicted that the foreign direct investment trends would maintain “growth levels of around 9%,” compared to 2015, although it was reported that “it is probable that there will be some fluctuations in the amounts.”

“We believe that Bogota will continue appearing on the radar of entrepreneurs all over the world that are looking for investment opportunities, mainly in sectors of high aggregate value with a high vocation for export,” stated Juan Gabriel Pérez, the executive director of Invest in Bogota.

He highlighted that, in the last decade, the investments made in Bogota “have greatly diversified in terms of their countries of origin, as well as in the sectors and recipient economic activities.” Also, it was highlighted that of the 544 recorded projects in this period, “around 95% took place in untraditional sectors.”




Source: EFE