05 de Octubre 2012

University-State-Enterprise join forces to transfer technology and knowledge towards Bogota

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  • University-State-Enterprise efforts join forces in Bogota to identify opportunities for improvement in terms of technology and scientific knowledge transfer and for bilateral cooperation with other regions.  

  • Bogota is preparing to face the challenges of articulated work between academia and the productive sector.  

  • The school of sciences at Universidad de los Andes organized a bi-national workshop with Germany, which yielded significant guidelines and conclusions in terms of cooperation on these matters.

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In Bogota, University - State - Enterprise alliances are a key resource to support science, technology and innovation, as this articulation facilitates the productive application of the kind of research and knowledge provided by universities and study centers in the city.  
Representatives of the investment promotion team at Invest in Bogota participated in the workshop organized by the School of Sciences of the Universidad de los Andes, Concepts of Technology Transfer between Germany and Colombia.

In it, a bi-national panel comprised by 13 experts in technology transfer from a German mission, and members of Colombian institutions that participate in the innovation environment such as:  Colciencias, INNpulsa Colombia, Corpoica, Connect Bogotá Región and Universidad de Los Andes. 
The workshop yielded significant guidelines and conclusions in terms of bi-national cooperation to facilitate the transfer of technology and scientific knowledge.  
Bogota's strengths are:  unique raw materials on which to conduct research, as a result of Colombian bio-diversity; a great number of high quality universities and researchers; an industrial and productive base that is capable of absorbing innovation and a recent national system of incentives and benefits directed towards fostering technological innovation.

Fronts were identified that need to be improved in order to generate a closer bond between the academic and productive sectors.  There are several aspects that need to be worked on jointly with Germany, one of the most innovative countries in the world.

The key is to increase the exchange of professors and students between Universidad de los Andes and Potsdam University. 
Universidad de los Andes, Potsdam University, the Fraunhofer Bio-Medicine Institute, the Berlin School of Economics and Law and Invest in Bogota suggested an intensive entrepreneurship program around innovative ideas that will improve the quality of life in Bogota.

This space, which would be provided as a summer course will be shaped and structured in coming months, in order to offer it to the public during the months of June or July, 2013.  
Initiatives such as that lead by the Universidad de los Andes, and the corresponding specific action plans, strengthen Bogota's value proposition as a city for innovation, with direct impact over the quality of life of its residents.