Creative Industries

Dorado fest brings together more than a thousand people seeking to be inspired and receiving a few days of learning and training. 

This year, the event offers several sections including: 

  • Film, Music and Media: created for all lovers and experts in musical themes, film and everything related to the media, characterized by having world-class speakers and experts in every related field. 
  • Innovation Mornings: a section designed for anyone interested in innovation, where the main speakers are major international leaders. They will touch on topics such as Purposeful Brands & User Experience, Social Innovation, Technology and Startups. 
  • Design, Art & Architecture: a section for all those interested in the design, art and architecture, with the presence of interesting world-class speakers. 
  • Advertising & Marketing: a section designed for discussing advertising and marketing issues. 

This is why El Dorado is considered a really significant event for creativity in Colombia, since it assembles in a single space different participants in the creative industries, with a view to establishing a dialogue among industry players, the major brands in the country and important international leaders. 

Sweden is the guest country this year, presenting "More than marketing: Communicating the Swedish way", an exhibition that displays all the different kinds of creative work produced in Sweden, particularly advertising. It will tackle topics such as: 

  • Communication of NGOs 
  • Advertising as a time marker 
  • Digital advertising 
  • Creative advertising 

If you’d like to attend or receive more information on this great event log in at: