Foreign Direct Investment Success Cases

Creative Industries

Streamline (Holland.2022)

Metrics (México.2020)

Description: Metrics is a public relations Mexican agency that offers services such as stakeholder surveillance, trend analysis, intelligence application, strategy and prediction, among others. Their arrival at Bogota is the beginning of its expansion in Latin America.

Vezt (Estados Unidos.2019)

Description: is a mobile app that uses blockchain technology to allow music fans to participate in the royalties that generate the songs. Today they operate from Bogota for all of Latin America.

Mediapro (Spain. 2019)

Description: Media Pro has experienced significant growth in three main lines of business: rights management, audiovisual services, and content production, and is considered the leading independent production company throughout the entire audiovisual value chain with operations worldwide through its 55 offices distributed across 35 countries on four continents.


EGIS (France. 2022)

Description: In this video, James Chopty Deputy CEO International at Egis and Diego Niño Director of Business Development at Egis tell us about their arrival in our city.

CAMC Engineering (China. 2020)

Description: Chinese company dedicated to engineering, construction and investment internationally, chooses Bogotá for its expansion of operations.

Mott Macdonald (the United Kingdom. 2017)

Description: Global consultants focused on engineering, management and project development in which they offer sustainable solutions to face today’s challenges. It has established offices in 150 countries, where they offer services to improve economic development, better investment return, and better environmental and social results.

Systra (France. 2017)

Description: Engineering and consulting company focused on the areas of urban and rail transport. Systra has become a benchmark worldwide in the development of railway projects, including initiatives involving conventional trains, high-speed trains, subway systems, and trams.

Technology-based services

Auxis (United States. 2022)

Description: In this video Lizzie Arroyo Vice President of Human Resources and Administration President Auxis, tells us about their arrival in our city.

Qualfon (Philippines. 2022)

Description: After several years of having made the decision to expand its operations in Colombia, Qualfon arrives in Bogota with a specialized site. In this video, Doug Courtney, President Qualfon, and Doug Wells, Chief Operations Officer Qualfon, tells us about their arrival in our city.

Avionos (United States. 2020)

Description: Avionos designs and implements digital commerce and marketing solutions that deliver measurable business results.

iXerv (Estados Unidos.2020)

Description: American company that provides exceptional services and solutions that improve each customer’s ability to efficiently manage the lifecycle of human capital management data, information, and resources. They have offices in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Colombia and the United Arab Emirates.

Concentrix (Estados Unidos. 2019)

Description: is a global enterprise services company known for technology specializing in customer engagement and improving business performance. They are located in more than 20 countries and have made major expansions in Colombia during these years.

RD Station (Brasil. 2019)

Description: Brazilian company focused on the development of mobile solutions, inbound marketing, and the digitization and automation of marketing processes, arrives in Bogota to begin its expansion through Latin America.


Decathlon (France. 2017)

Description: It is a French company, recognized for offering quality products at competitive prices, in order to diversify the offer in sports that can not be easily found in the local market; such as rugby, paddle, tennis, fishing, cycling, ping-pong, camping, and other 60 different practices. Their mission is to make sports accessible to the most amount of people.

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H&M (Sweden. 2017)

Description: It is a global fashion and design company, focused on producing and commercializing clothes at low costs with the best possible quality. Since 1947 it has been expanding by creating new brands such as H&M Home, COS, & Other Stories, Monki, Weekday, Cheap Monday and ARKET.

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Life Sciences

Inkemia (Spain. 2017)

Description: Spanish multinational, specialized in the generation and exploitation of knowledge-based in investigation and innovation for the development of new products, processes, services and technologies for the chemistry, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, cosmetic, nutraceutical, and food industry.

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Gaes (Spain. 2017)

Description: It is considered the leading multinational company in the auditive correction sector in Spain. It has been designing, producing, distributing and commercializing earphones for more than 60 years,  to better the quality life of clients.

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Rockstart (Netherlands. 2017)

Description: Was founded in 2011 in Amsterdam with the objective to provide startups market access, capital, experience, and community. Since then, has become the specialist in building entire ecosystems around specific domains, such as Digital Health, Smart Energy, and Artificial Intelligence.

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WeWork (the United States. 2017)

Descripción: American company, that has redefined the concept of work by focusing its services on people. Part of its add value is offering real state, design, construction, architecture and operation services that can help companies create environments that can increase productivity, spur innovation and encourage collaboration with others. Some of the spaces they offer are standard, equipped with WeWork designs and services and personalized where they supply the client’s needs, from a laboratory to a floor, full of production studios.

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