Invest in Bogota's Support

"Cipla has considered Bogotá as an attractive place because first, is Bogotá being the capital city and having correct infrastructure. In second place (it represents) 30% of the pharmaceutical market, that’s the most important. We  feel it´s the right location to start with, the property office (is here), that´s a main thing and most of the pharmaceutical companies in Colombia have their headquarters in Bogotá.

"I think my experience with Invest in Bogotá is excellent, they are my partners all the time here. They were excellent all the time, they are helpful. I think my experience is excellent, they are very cooperative and many times they go beyond their responsibilities and try to help new companies to establish."

Raman Wattamwar
Cluster Head - Latin America
September 2016


"Circolombia is a live entertainment production company based in London to promote and provide the world’s stage with the dynamic difference of Colombian performers. Our show URBAN which has been invited by the legendary Teatro Colon to premier in Colombia. We are delighted to enrich Bogota's cultural life after 5 years of touring from London,  New York Broadway, Paris, Australia, Europe and Brazil. The Ministry of Culture has been amazing  in their support for the growth of Circus in Colombia.  And the team of Invest in Bogota has helped with various contacts and business assessment which was crucial for the setup of our organization here.”

Circus is a truly inspirational art form which celebrates diversity. Circolombia provokes real emotion as you witness extraordinary feats performed live.

Febrero 2016


“We decided to set up our factory directly in Colombia, in order to be able to produce teeth in 24, 48 hours. Bogota is a strategic location to export the product quickly both within Colombia and to the region, serving the entire Latin American market” 

Alberto Álvarez
Gerente para Colombia de Phibo
March 2016



"During the process of creating our branch in the city we have received a lot of support and unconditional collaboration from INVEST IN BOGOTA. For an investor from a faraway country, that support shortens the distance and makes us feel at home."

Alan Ma
General Manager, Higer Colombia S.A.S
Dicember 2014



"Invest in Bogota has been very useful for our expansion into Colombia because it helped us collect relevant information from the Colombian market across a range of very different sectors. Its availability and quick responses to our needs make Invest in Bogota a fundamental tool for any company looking to move into Colombia."

Liborio Bautista
CEO, Prebuild Industria
August 2014



"Invest in Bogota is of great assistance to investors, because they hold information directly from sources which allows them to go beyond generic figures and understand the market better. (...) their knowledge regarding administrative matters is very useful when handling important paperwork that varies from country to country. We are grateful for the support this organization provided us, and I hope to continue taking advantage of their support as we increase our presence in Bogota."

Hugo Desenzani
Chief Business Development, Atton Hotels
July 2014



"BYD is a leading manufacturer of advanced, environmentally-friendly battery technologies used in electric vehicles and electric buses.  We established BYD MOTOR COLOMBIA SAS in Bogota as BYD’s first subsidiary in Latin America because we see the opportunity of introducing zero emission all electric bus technology into the Bogota public transportation system which plays a significant role in the world with TransMilenio BRT and SITP system. Bogota city government is making efforts to introduce new transportation technology by formulating beneficiary policies to bus s and operators. BYD considers Bogota as a strategic market and has a long term investment plan financially and technically. As long as the market is growing, BYD will bring in factory to Bogota.

INVEST IN BOGOTA is a very supportive platform for new investors to know clearly on the policies and expand your business channels. They accompany the investors all the way to be successful." 

Lara Zhang
Country Manager, BYD Motor Colombia
September 2013



“Our company´s investors were, since their first visit to Colombia, advised by Invest in Bogota (…) they were key for the decision making process and the work plan organization. (…) To finally make a decision, Invest in Bogota collaborated with the collection of information reducing considerably the project´s work time. (…) Currently, Logistics Plus consults Invest in Bogota (…), because we know they are a support not only for the establishment of a company but also for the consolidation of our operations in Colombia.”

Nohora Liliana Gonzalez,
Operative Director
Logistics Plus INC.
October 2012



"When a foreign investor arrives in Colombia, he needs to make the best with his time in terms of finding local information to support his decisions, as well as getting contacting professionals which allow to make his investment more feasible.  For Invest in Bogota, the needs of those entrepreneurs who come in with an entrepreneurial intent; they received us in great offices, with a competent and professional team, completely willing to orient us and to facilitate our getting established.    The fact that Colombia, or in this case, Bogota, has an agency of this level to foster foreign investment, is quite remarkable."

Sebastian Zamora Paolucci
General Manager
Andean Valley Colombia S.A.S. 
January 2012



"When we made the decision to invest, we looked at Buenos Aires and Bogota. We chose the latter, on account of how easy it is to establish a business here, and because of Invest in Bogota, as it provided us with all the assistance and support we needed in order to make the most accurate decision."

Björn Vandemeulebroucke
Gerente de Mercadeo y Ventas
The Insiders
september 2012



"Having Invest in Bogota as an ally was key in reasserting our expansion plans in Bogota.  The excellent quality of the analyses, the knowledge they have about the market, and the access to a strong network of professionals, was very valuable for our team.  Invest in Bogota has our fullest support and respect."

Ismael Ortega
International Finance Manager
​Cash America International, Inc.
December 2011



"I wish to thank you (...) for all the efforts that [Invest in Bogota has made] in order to provide us with the vast amount of information that we requested, (...) which was vitally important to organize and be able to define our priorities, (...) it was provided very quickly and accurately, and yielded very positive results for us when making decisions during the creation of our company, and which was key in the development of the potential investment plans we wish to implement in Colombia.  (...) Without your help (...) establishing ourselves in Bogota would have been much more difficult."

Julio Martínez Lange
Corporeal Colombia S.A.S.
December 2011



"Grupo Destra is very thankful for the support and assistance provided by Invest in Bogota, during the process of establishing its sister company, Soluciones Integrales en Tratamiento de Aguas S.A.S. (Sintra) (...).  Grupo Destra has undertaken actions to expand its operations in Colombia, and Invest in Bogota has been greatly helpful in providing us orientation, information and assistance during our time in Colombia."

Juan Carlos Ibáñez
Legal Representative
Soluciones Integrales en Tratamiento de Aguas S.A.S.
November 2011



"Invest in Bogota offers efficient and speedy procedures in its work with investors by providing reliable and ideal sources of information and trustworthy solutions."

Pedro Cesar Martínez
November 2011



"Setting up operations in Bogota was very much facilitated thanks to the help of Invest in Bogota. All of our requests where attended with kindness and promptness, many times beyond our expectations. In particular, their knowledge and expertise with the oil industry - our main business opportunity - has been quite useful. The agency offers an excellent service that should be used as a model for other promotion agencies in Latin America."

Alberto Silva
General Manager
Incostas - Colombia
October 2011



"Globant’s philosophy is to get set up were the talent is, and Colombia is definitely a place to grow. To get installed in a country is not simple, it is fundamental that companies like Invest in Bogota help to generate local contacts, giving information and statistics that ease a quick analysis of the business and give proven solutions to the region's characteristic difficulties."

Andres Giolito
Site Manager Colombia
July 2011



"A lot of companies are evaluating now to open offices in Bogota given the fast growth the city is experiencing, and every time I talk to someone that wants to come to start doing business here I strongly recommend that they should talk to Invest in Bogota as a first step! The people from Invest in Bogota are extremely smart and with the best of dispositions to help, they were a critical factor in our opening in Bogota and provided guidance and information without which we would have spent a lot more time and money figuring out some aspects of the local context that Invest in Bogota generously and proactively provided in a very digested fashion. If I can give companies coming to Bogota only one advice that would be that the first thing they need to do is to contact Invest in Bogota."

Enrique Fuentes
Studio Director
Teravision Games    
March 2011



"Working alongside Invest in Bogota has truly been very refreshing. As a representative of a major international service company, we value local relationships very much and first impressions are very important. (…) their [Invest in Bogota’s] strength lies with their people and their leadership. Their executives are professional, bi-lingual, and attentive and work to the highest ethical standards. Invest in Bogota (…) have assisted myself and others in our organization in understanding the inner workings of doing business, not only in Bogota, but Colombia in general – not through rose-colored glasses, but objectively. Invest in Bogota has a wealth of information and contacts and have been instrumental in lining up meetings with key industry professionals – from US embassy personnel to leading energy leaders in the sector. Thank you for such high value service!"

Carlos Gutierrez
Vicepresident - Strategic Business Development
América Latina Production Services Network U.S. Inc.    
January 2011



“Working alongside Invest in Bogota has truly been very refreshing. As a representative of a major international service company, we value local relationships very much and first impressions are very important. Their strength lies with their people and their leadership. Their executives are professional, bilingual, and attentive and work to the highest ethical standards. Invest in Bogota has assisted our organization in understanding the inner workings of doing business, not only in Bogota, but Colombia in general.”

Carlos Gutierrez
Strategic Business Development
Wood Group PSN