Why Bogota?

Bogota is the economic, cultural and administrative center of Colombia, which in turn is the ideal gateway for the Latin American market due to its location, political stability, and economic development.

Strategic Location of Bogota

Bogota has a strategic location in the center of the Americas - five hours by plane from New York, Mexico City and Sao Paulo - and has excellent air connectivity.

Workforce in Bogota

A young, skilled, 4.6 million strong workforce in Bogota ensures the scalability of any operation.

Operating Environment in Bogota

The operating environment in Bogotá is simple and of high quality. On the other hand, it has a wide range of quality spaces at competitive prices for offices, warehousing ...

Attractive Incentives in Bogota

As part of reforms to make business conditions more attractive, Colombia and Bogota offer attractive incentives for investment.

Quality of Life in Bogota

Bogotá is a great place to live. It has a surprising quality of life that has allowed numerous foreign companies with operations in other cities relocate in Bogotá.

Investor Information System

The Information System for Investors - SIIB, includes data and updated information on the economy and competitiveness of Colombia and Bogota

Smart Specialization in Bogota-Region

It is a collectively-built comprehensive productive development agenda to transform Bogota and Cundinamarca based on knowledge and innovation. It is a dynamic strategy in response to regional capacities and international trends in project generation.