Operating Environment in Bogota


Bogota has a high-quality, worry-free operating environment. There is a plentiful supply of quality, cost-competitive office, warehousing, and manufacturing space. The city has redundant telecom connectivity and excellent utilities. The city is a major land and air cargo transportation center and a natural logistics hub for Colombia. Finally, Bogota has all the corporate services needed by investors.

Plentiful, High-Quality Space

Bogota currently has 2,899,958 square meters of office space, including high quality offices, representing 71.7% of the national total. Bogota Region has 3,986,359 square meters of industrial space, of which 3,274,617 are industrial parks and 711,742 are used for free trade zones.

(Advantages of the new free trade zone regime for doing business in Bogota)


According to the World Competitiveness Yearbook, Colombia is one of the top ten countries in the world with the highest levels of investment in telecommunications, as a percentage of GDP, and the top country in Latin America. As a result of market liberalization and significant private sector investment, Bogota boasts a redundant, high-quality telecommunications infrastructure. Currently, more than half a dozen private providers offer complete corporate telecommunication solutions.

Bogota is connected by redundant overland connections to five international underwater cables.

Main Optical Network


Source: Invest in Bogota, based on official information.


Electric utility coverage is nearly 100% in Bogota, Enel-CODENSA Bogota’s electric utility is part of the ENEL Group of Italy, and is recognized for high quality and cost-competitive service, Additionally, this company is committed with the modernization of the networks in the country: from sustainable solutions like solar energy for enterprises, the use of LED technology for the city’s streetlights, to the promotion of mobility with electric bikes and vehicles, Natural gas is provided by another privately-owned utility, Vanti-Gas Natural, Water and sewerage are managed by the city-owned Acueducto de Bogota which has coverage of 99% in water and 98% in sewerage.


Bogota is a natural hub for land-based freight in Colombia, Many companies have located logistics and distribution facilities in Bogota to serve Colombia, The government is currently developing four-lane highways from Bogota to Atlantic and Pacific sea ports.

In 2020, Bogota was awarded the prize for the best Urban Transportation Project in the Americas and the Grand Jury Prize for the best Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project in all categories, presented at the P3 Awards granted by P3 Bulletin, a publication specialized in infrastructure issues.

Distances to Ports and Land Borders


Source: Invest in Bogota.

Wide Range of Corporate Services

Bogota offers a wide range of corporate service providers, from international, legal, accounting, tax and consulting services, to sophisticated financial intermediaries and specialized suppliers. Please contact us for further details on Bogota’s service providers.

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