Smart Specialization in Bogota-Region

What is smart specialization?

It is a collectively-built comprehensive productive development agenda to transform Bogota and Cundinamarca based on knowledge and innovation. It is a dynamic strategy in response to regional capacities and international trends in project generation. 

It was designed in 2013 and has projected goals up to 2025. The Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, Connect Bogotá Región, Invest in Bogota, ProBogotá, the Private Competitiveness Council, the Mayorship of Bogotá, the Cundinamarca Regional Government, the Office of the President of Colombia, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Fenalco, Confecámaras, Asomuña, the two Bogota Presidents’ Forums, Red Vertice, Federesa, the Facatativá and Girardot Chambers of Commerce, Universidad Central and Universidad de San Buenaventura (chosen by the universities that make up Connect Bogotá) and the Bogota, Cundinamarca and Boyaca offices of ANDI form part of its executive committee.


Defining smart specialization for Bogota and Cundinamarca is of great importance to the region, as across the world there are examples of successful regions that, through the development and implementation of smart specialization strategies, have fostered favourable environments for generating wealth, increasing the prosperity of their residents, bridging social gaps and having qualified human talent available.

Similarly, processes of smart specialization strengthen governance, confidence, cooperation, efficiency and collaborative dialogue for the strategic management of a region’s development. Prioritizing the specialization areas leads to the regions standing out due to differentiation, innovation, and technological convergence.

Smart Specialization Areas

For its implementation, five areas consisting of a series of productive activities were prioritized, some of which had already been consolidated and others that were only just emerging: Bogota Creative Region, Bio-Pole, Enterprise Services, Advanced Knowledge Hub and Sustainable City Region.

Smart Specialization in Bogota

Bogota Creative Region

Cultural and creative industries in the region, involved in the creation, production, and distribution of goods and services whose main input are creativity and intellectual capital.

Bogota Creative Region


The development of the life sciences, including technology and productive activities related to agriculture and agribusiness, fine chemistry and healthcare.


Enterprise services

Providing companies and the public sector with value-added services related to processes of knowledge, business, and IT services.

Enterprise Services Bogota

Advanced Knowledge HUB

Boosting, promoting and developing talent in addition to scientific, technological and human knowledge and research.

Sustainable Bogota Region 

Productive and technological solutions to the challenges faced by the city, related to water and waste management, mobility, sustainable construction, and energy efficiency in order to improve the quality of life of its residents. 


Download the presentation of the project entitled “Smart Specialization in Bogota-Region” for a summary of each of the steps taken to prioritize the areas.


Download the presentation given during the launch event for the Regional Competitiveness Council’s smart specialization strategy.


Source: Bogota Chamber of Commerce

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