System for the Identification of Obstacles to Investment (SIGO)

In order to strengthen the business environment and facilitate the attraction of foreign direct investment to the city, Invest in Bogota developed the System for the Identification and Management of Obstacles, called SIGO. It is a space for articulation between the public and private sectors that provides first-hand information for analyzing Bogota’s business climate and managing identified and prioritized opportunities for improvement.

This project allows the Corporation to identify those situations that are generating barriers or bottlenecks in the process of investment or business expansion in the city, in order to monitor and propose management alternatives that contribute to the competitiveness of the star capital. In the same way, it compiles the specific needs that entrepreneurs require to facilitate their operations in the country.

Since 2021, we have surveyed a wide variety of key actors in the business and investment sectors, from which the following information was collected: