ZONA MICE - The Tourism Business Conference

Industria de turismo
desarrollo económico

Zona MICE will be held on August 2 and 3. The event aims to bring together the national supply and the international demand of the most important event planning companies, incentive houses and PCOs of Mexico, the United States and the Caribbean, among others, at the Radisson Hotel.

The sixth edition of ZONA MICE is the perfect environment to form strategic partnerships, strengthen the business fabric and to close deals. This year it is re-energized and features the noteworthy "MICE TALKS", where renowned professional speakers in areas including fund raising, MICE tourism certification, customer service and ethics in event hosting processes will participate.

Bogotá is the main national venue for holding events as it hosts 40% of events held in Colombia. Thanks to the coordination of the Convention Bureau, more than 280 international events have been held, which have had an economic impact of COP 700 billion for the city. Consequently, it is estimated that deals representing revenue for city from USD 50,000 up to USD 1,000,000 per event are decided at the meeting. 

This year Bogotá City Hall, through the District Department of Economic Development and the District Institute of Tourism (IDT, for the Spanish acronym), join the main organizer, the Convention Bureau, and its main partner, the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, at the mother of all Colombian events as a strategy to strengthen the city’s industry. 

Through the public-private partnership, the aim is to design and implement a schedule of international promotional activities for the city to attract foreign investment, more world-class events, tourism and, consequently, new economic opportunities for the city and the country. Therefore, it will have the participation of 130 companies of the events sector and 80 officers in charge of deciding where to hold large events of international impact, from ten Latin American cities. 




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