Creative Industries in Bogota

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Bogota offers a great variety of competitive advantages for the creative Industries:

  • Fresh growth
  • knowledge transmission through recent foreign direct investment evolution
  • Abundance of high qualified human talent and institutional support.

For the audiovisual production Industry Bogota also offers private incentives, public subsidies and an unmatchable location in the region.

Creative industries is a business considered to cover a wide range of activities, from the production and distribution of newspapers, journals, magazines and art to the creation of audiovisual content. Representing more than 1.7% of Colombia´s GDP, the Creative industries have a significant contribution in the Colombian economy.



Bogota is the top destination of FDI in Latin America for the creative industries sector 

Bogota has been the creative industries top destination city of foreign direct investment in Latin America.

Bogota concentrates over 74% of the total amount of companies in the creative industries sector in the country, Bogota also accounts for the 78% of the revenue generated by this industry. 


Abundant human talent Bogota

Bogota offers great business development opportunities due to its young, multicultural and highly qualified human talent. 

The city concentrates the vast majority of creative industries graduates in the country. Bogota has over 16% of the country’s population but accounts for 48, 4%of the total graduates in the creative industries sector. 

Bogota concentrates over 77% of the visual arts in the country. Audiovisual production is becoming a central área of the creative development of the city.

Visual and Plastic Arts IncludeAudiovisual Arts

  • Film and Audiovisual production
  • Film and TV production
  • Film Direction
  • Production and Direction of Audiovisual content 


Great place for business

Member of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network as a City of Music is host to fairs and festivals with worldwide gests and attendants. Bogota has become hub for creative events in Latin-America. 

These are some of the creative industries events held in the Bogota: 


Amazing Location for Audiovisual production

Bogota has become a hub for big audiovisual productions for the whole continent. In the recent years, many high standard productions have been entirely made in our city (Narcos, etc.)

International productions find here great human talent, both creative and highly qualified.

The city offers a great infrastructure of facilities and production and post production sets with big international players in place such as Caracol, RCN, FOX and Sony Television among others.

The geographical location of Bogota enables audiovisual producers to use a wide range of locations, the city is incredibly versatile due to its position on top of Los Andes Mountains having different weather conditions very near the urban territory. The city also accounts for historical, specific and modern locations. 

Bogota locations

With the recent creation of incentives for the movie industry, Bogota is aiming to grow its position as a creative industries hub for Latin-America. With both Private stimuli and strong subsidies to producers cost structure, the audiovisual production industry has lured foreign investment like never before. 


Digital Media has been growing over the past years

There is a continuous rise in opportunities in the digital marketing segment, as it is a new cost efficient way to generate an impact in the XXI century consumer. Internet penetration in Colombia is high  in the region and has been growing steadily.  

Companies interested in growing their creative digital activities should consider Bogota as a serious hub for developing their activities in the region. It is a city that has the true upper hand in the creative sector and also in the digital era.  



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