17 things to do when visiting Bogota

Fecha: 17 February, 2022

Bogota is one of the top tourism destinations in South America. In the city, visitors can attend global events such as the XVII World Congress of Neurosurgery WFNS- 2022 and have a big-time with the variety of cultural, natural, and leisure activities that the city offers. Discover and let yourself be surprised by Bogota through these 17 activities.

1. La Candelaria Historical Center

The heart of Bogota. 482 years of history, traditions, and stunning colonial architecture. It has been a political, administrative, and religious center since the 16th century when the first structures were built. 

2. Monserrate Sanctuary Hill

The natural guardian hill of the city over 10,341 ft. It offers a majestic view of the city, that you can reach by funicular, cable car or walking by its 2,4 km hiking path. 


3. Gold Museum

The biggest pre-Hispanic goldsmith collection in the world with more than 34.000 gold pieces. Also, has 20,000 lithics, ceramics, textiles, and precious stones belonging to the indigenous culture.

Museo del Oro

4. National Museum of Colombia

The first museum in our country and one of the oldest in Latin America (1874). It was declared a national monument for its historic and architectural value. The building was a prison for almost 72 years. Ethnology, art, and archeology are all on display here dating from 10,000 BCE across 17 exhibition rooms.

5. Zipaquira´s Salt Cathedral

It is considered Colombia’s First wonder and the deepest cathedral in the world, located 590 Ft. underground. This underground salt mine is surrounded by nature and mystique. 

6. Bolivar Main Square

Hailing from when the city was founded, is Colombia’s most famous public space and the first public monument in the city.

7. Night out

The city’s nightlife is surrounded by art, culture, musical charm, and authentic typical rhythms such as salsa, vallenato, and cumbia. Restaurants, breweries, and nightclubs are located in areas such as Zona T, Usaquen, and Chapinero. 

8. Cutting Edge Street Art

The city packs a punch with its numerous art galleries, of which there are more than 100, many of which are free to enter; and the Graffiti District, where you can admire big and colorful graffities and murals. 

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9. Jose Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden

Heart of the flora and fauna of Colombia, is a 50-acre oasis of palm trees and lush tropical gardens, one of a kind in the collection and preservation of exotic species from the Andes highlands and moor ecosystems, showcases the biodiversity that sets Colombia apart.

10. Shopping Tour

Bogota is famous for gold and emerald products, authentic national products such as clothes, leather goods, pottery, accessories, and other handcrafts; and for its fashion and design stores located in Zona T and Zona G areas. 

Zona T

11. Bike paths and cycle routes

Bogota has more than 373 miles of bike paths, being the largest circuit in Latin America and the second largest in the world. This network is used by almost 84,000 people every day, cutting their costs, and reducing pollution at the same time. 

Bike path

12. Local Market Squares

At Paloquemao and La Perseverancia squares you can find tropical and fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers; a carnival of colors, flavors, and scents. There you can find an extensive offer of traditional and local food ready to enjoy!

Local market squares

13. Coffeehouses

The region of Cundinamarca is one of the main producers of coffee in the country, so this product is part of our cultural identity. In Bogota, you will find a variety of coffeehouses offering tasting experiences and delicious organic coffee.

14. “Tejo”, Colombia’s national sport

Also known as turmequé, recalls the 15th century where indigenous inhabitants of the departments of Cundinamarca and Boyaca, called Muiscas, enjoyed playing a game that involved launching a disc to hit a target. 

15. The Route El Dorado Legend

A Journey of legend among the territory of Muisca culture in Bogota and its surroundings, located at Guatavita’s mystical and sacred Lagoon. Astronomy, ceremonial centers, museums, enchanted lagoons, moors, and Muiscas indigenous communities, are there to be discovered.


16. Bogotá and its surroundings

Embrace our natural treasures in less than 1.30 hrs. from the city. Landscapes full of contrasts, many scenarios of nature, and adventure to discover and enjoy a variety of experiences such as hiking, trekking, and birdwatching. You must visit Chicaque, Chingaza, La Chorrera waterfall, Sumapaz moorland and Guatavita Lagoon.

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17. Endemic Birding tours

Bogota represents 10% of the biodiversity of the planet. The city and its surroundings have 250 species of birds, 3 of which are endemic: Tingua Bogotana, Chamicero, and Cucarachero de Apolinar

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